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NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care

Patient Care Policy

We are in business to meet your urgent medical needs. We at NightLight are firm believers in the medical home/ primary care provider model of medicine. This model emphasizes the role and importance of your primary care provider in the delivery of the highest quality of healthcare because it is the most efficient and consistent. NightLight exists to see patients that would otherwise need to be seen in the emergency room due to the timing of their illness during evening, weekend or holiday/vacation hours. The primary provider’s offices are generally closed during these hours. In order to support these objectives, the following priority-based care policy will be upheld:

1. First priority will be patients who present an acute distress that is potentially life threatening.

2. Second priority is given to any child less than or equal to 2 months of age. These children are much more susceptible to contagious illness and will not be left in the waiting area for long.

3. Third priority is given to those patients who adhere to the above primary care model and call their primary care provider first. If the primary care provider determines they need to be seen before their office is open, they can call them in and place them on a priority call-in list. These patients will be seen, in chronological order of call-in, prior to any walk-in patients.

4. All other patients will be seen in order based on our online check-in and walk-in queue.