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Early Matters Matters To Us

Imagine going to a pediatric urgent care center where staff aren’t trained to handle children with care. Imagine bringing your child to a facility where a diagnosis is provided without an exam. Imagine a medical facility where a three hour wait time is the norm.  I’m sure you can’t imagine a world without quality healthcare, and we can’t either which is why we strive everyday to exceed patient expectations. It is also our priority to make sure quality is the standard for our children in every aspect of their life, especially education.

Quality education is just as important as quality healthcare. When we learned about the epidemic of children who do not receive quality education, we knew this was an issue we couldn’t turn our backs on. Below are just a few statistics from Early Matters Houston that show how serious a problem quality education is.

“If students are not reading on grade level by 3rd grade, they are four times more likely to drop out of school.”

“Children from high income families are expose to 30 million more words than children from families on welfare. Follow-up studies showed that these differences in language and interaction experiences have lasting effects on a child’s performance later in life. “

“51% of students in the Houston area fail to graduate within four years of entering high school.”

Early Matters is a non profit organization that raises awareness about the importance of high quality education, and Nightlight joins them in the fight to improve kindergarten readiness, 3rd grade reading mastery, and high school graduation rates. Here are some ways you can join the fight with us.

  • Ask your Nightlight provider for a Prescription for Reading when you visit any Nightlight location.
  • Attend free events at a library in your area (check out the links below).
  • If your child is in the third grade or younger, grab a free book and bookmark at the end of your service from our friendly front desk receptionists.
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