COVID-19 testing now available by appointment only. Testing will be scheduled for patients that complete a telemedicine OR in-clinic visit. Parents that are COVID positive must do a telemedicine visit for their child. To maximize the safety of our staff and the community, ALL COVID-19 samples are now being collected at one central location.

NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care


All NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care clinics are now testing for the COVID-19 infection AND antibody testing is available with telemedicine.

If appropriate, our providers will direct you to the nearest testing location. Please note that we are NOT a designated government-sponsored testing site. Tests will be sent out to commercial laboratories and costs not covered by insurance will apply.

NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care has implemented several measures to provide the safest environment for patients and staff.  These include adding a higher level of sanitation to already stringent cleaning policies for all rooms and surfaces in the clinics.  Additionally signs are posted physically on all clinic doors and virtually on our website to deter patients who have been exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19 from coming into the clinic.  For those concerned about possible COVID-19 exposure or symptoms, we will evaluate you via a virtual visit (telemedicine) and direct you to one of four testing sites for curbside testing if needed.  For patients who are in need of a physical evaluation in the clinic, we have implemented the following process to minimize everyone’s exposure to infection.  You will be directed to come in to quickly register.  You will then be asked to do paperwork and wait in the safety of your car until we are ready to see you in a sanitized room.  A text message will notify the patient when it is time to go into the exam room and be evaluated. We request the fewest number of people possible to accompany the patient into the exam rooms.  We request all patients and guardians to wear a face mask.  All staff members wear protective equipment and face masks during patient encounters. Staff members are screened for symptoms including cough and fever before clinic opening and will be sent home if they present with symptoms. NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care strongly recommends practicing social distancing and safe hygiene.

COVID-19 News

Press release: NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care offers COVID-19 testing and extended telemedicine hours

Dr. Anastasia Gentles, CMO at NightLight, talks about the Kawasaki Syndrome-like symptoms showing up in children during this COVID-19 pandemic on Isiah Factor on FOX 26 Houston.

Houston Area Health Departments

Houston Health Department

  • COVID-19 Call Center: (832) 393-4220
  • Telephone: (832) 393-5080 (24 hr #)
  • Fax: (832) 393-5232

Harris County Public Health

  • COVID-19 Call Center: (832) 927-7575
  • Telephone: (713) 439-6000
  • Fax: (713) 439-6306
  • After Hours: (713) 755-5000

Texas Department of State Health Services

  • Telephone: (713) 767-3000
  • Fax: (713) 767-3006
  • After Hours: (800) 270-3128

Montgomery County Public Health Department

  • Telephone: (936) 523-5026
  • Fax: (936) 539-9272
  • After Hours: (888) 825-9754

Brazoria County Health Department

  • Telephone: (979) 864-2168
  • Fax: (979) 864-3694
  • After Hours: (800) 511-1632

Galveston County Health District

  • COVID-19 Call Center: (409) 938-7221
  • Telephone: (409) 938-2322
  • Fax: (409) 938-2399
  • After Hours: (888) 241-0442

Fort Bend County Health and Human Services

  • COVID-19 Call Center: (281) 633-7795
  • Telephone: (281) 342-6414
  • Fax: (281) 342-7371
  • After Hours: (281) 434-6494

Chambers County Health Department

  • Telephone: (409) 267-2730
  • Fax: (409) 267-4276
  • After Hours: (409) 267-9862