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Virtual Care and Telehealth Answers

NightLight · June 17, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Our Virtual Care and Telehealth Services

It’s late and now you have a sick kiddo. All you can think is, “I wish I could see the doctor from home.” With Telemedicine, now you can. But what does Telemedicine mean? What symptoms can virtual care treat? Is seeing a doctor online right for my child?

The definition of telemedicine. What exactly is it? Sounds complicated.

It’s not complicated—it’s actually pretty convenient. Telemedicine is an easy way to virtually diagnose a health problem without having to visit a doctor’s office. Providers communicate with patients through video chats, asking for symptoms and recommending solutions. It can replace your webmd searches to get you on-demand answers for your little star’s urgent health needs.

Online Diagnosis. How does it work? What symptoms are best for a virtual visit?

Providers observe your child through a live video chat and ask you to perform certain tests, such as gently pulling on their earlobe to see if they have an ear infection, in order to tell you exactly what’s going on.

Symptoms NightLight can address with our pediatric telemedicine are rashes, skin infections, allergies, sinus infections, colds, asthma, conjunctivitis (pink eye), swimmer’s ear, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and flu.

Online doctor prescriptions. What happens if I need to get lab tests or need a prescription?

Not all symptoms can be diagnosed virtually, but that’s why choosing a telemed platform that is connected with a physical urgent care location near you is important. Your telemed provider will tell you if your child’s illness warrants a clinic visit for things like strep throat, flu tests and urinary tract infections.

Our “Fast Pass” options allows you to skip the line in the clinic if your telemed visit indicates that you need a lab test done. Just pop into the nearest NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care location—we have seven after-hours urgent cares across Houston.
We’ll also send prescriptions straight to your pharmacy.

Is a Telemedicine platform really safe to diagnose my kids?

When you use ANY telemedicine platform, you’ll always be speaking with a licensed provider. But not all telemedicine platforms are created equal.

It’s important that you ensure the doctors in your telemedicine platform are trained in pediatric care—without a specific pediatric expertise, telemedicine isn’t recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics or the American Telemedicine Association for children under two years old.
NightLight is one of only a few telemedicine services that works exclusively with children and guarantees that you’ll receive service from a pediatric provider, not a general doctor or other kind of specialist.

Choose convenience without the compromise today with NightLight Connect.

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