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Look Back at NightLight Pediactric Urgent Care in 2017

Sarah Kaddour · January 1, 2018

Looking Back At a Year of NightLight

Wow, what a year! We’ve treated countless sniffles, coughs, scrapes and other boo-boos. We’ve celebrated 10 years of providing pediatric urgent care service. We’ve opened up two new clinics: Tanglewood and Garden Oaks. And, we’ve reopened our Humble clinic after the Hurricane Harvey damages. We’re not sure what 2018 holds, but we’re so excited to continue to provide you with after-hours care at seven convenient locations. We’re also excited about our growing constellation of care that some of you may have recognized. It’s our awesome staff who help us fulfill our mission of spreading so much love, peace, and joy that it’s contagious.

Let’s take this opportunity to do a full recap of the year! Within our constellation of stars are…

Caleena Rozell

When medical assistant, Caleena Rozell, is not clocking in on time, she is learning, growing, and changing. Caleena radiates positivity, and she knows the meaning of teamwork!

Dr. Okogbo

Dr. Okogbo always practices joy and blows the minds of his patients and coworkers. When he isn’t teaching those around him new things, he’s spreading positivity to patients.

Chris Braggs

Here is the Sugar Land clinic’s lead LMRT, Chris Braggs, doing what he does best –  leading! Chris does his absolute best in the back office with the roles of a medical assistant and x-ray lead. He shows he can learn, grow and change by organizing classes for the back office team. Did we mention that his initiative and leadership blows our minds?

Brittany Bluford

If you know Brittany Bluford, you know she is the most dedicated Chief of Staff working along side our dedicated owners and management team. About four years ago, she joined the NightLight team, and she has described it as being one of the most exciting (and challenging!) rides of her life. She continues to reflect the great values that the organization has established.

Veronica Vazquez

LVN, Veronica Vazquez, has mastered the art of learning, growing, changing and practicing joy. Veronica is always open to learning new things and sharing what she knows with others. And, her positive energy is so strong, one dose lasts the entire shift.

Le’Nell Tatum

It’s been such a pleasure to see medical assistant, Le’Nell Tatum, learning, growing, and changing. Le’Nell not only helps staff in the back office, but she is also open to learning herself! Without change, there is no growth, and we’re excited to see Le’Nell continue to evolve.

Dr. Dao

Dr. Dao is a part of the very same committee that established our values, and she blows our minds by displaying all of them. She cultivates relationships with patients and co-workers. She gives lavishly by investing time in our multiple internal committees. Dr. Dao never fails to communicate with honesty and respect.

Justin Woods

I spy Justin Woods taking a joy break with his fellow co-workers! Justin is a nurse practitioner who exudes joy, learns, grows, changes, and does the best. He initiates new projects, shares ideas, and is always available to help.

Amanda Stump

We weren’t stumped on the decision to recognize, nurse practitioner, Amanda Stump! Amanda practices joy through her great attitude, humility, and love for teaching. She knows the way to a NightLight employee’s heart is through their stomach, so she always bring in treats for her coworkers. Amanda has also wowed the billing team with her thorough charts. We are so lucky to have Amanda on our team.

Shawanna Johnson

Shawanna Johnson always communicates with honesty and respect to our patients. Our NightLight family appreciates Shawanna’s kindness and her soothing voice reassures everyone that every experience goes smoothly. She doesn’t shy away from going above and beyond for our patients. On top of giving consistent service, keeping our facilities clean and comfy and checking in on patient’s needs, Shawanna does it all with style in her color-coordinated outfits.

Dr. Stones

Dr. Stones encompasses many of our values, including doing the very best, communicating with honesty and respect, cultivating great relationships with patients and other staff members, and blowing minds! Her shifts always consist of making someone laugh. The patients absolutely love her!

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