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What to Know Before Visiting Us!

Sarah Kaddour · October 17, 2017

Be Sure to Keep These Items in Mind When Visiting Us

When running out the door with a sick kiddo in one arm, parents are usually grabbing car keys with their free hand!

Here’s a cheat sheet of important items and information not to forget before rushing over to NightLight to ensure a smooth experience overall.

More than a clinic, we’re a beacon of healing in the night and we’re here for you exactly when you need us.

✔ ID

  • Examples: driver’s license, passport, work ID

✔ Insurance Information or Insurance Card

✔ History of Present Illness

  • Information about the course and symptoms of your child’s illness
  • Examples include: When did they have a fever? How many times have they thrown up? When was the last time you gave them a breathing treatment?

✔ Past Medical/Surgical History

  • List of any chronic illnesses or recent illnesses your child has had
  • List of any surgical procedures or hospitalizations your child has had
  • List of medications your child is taking or has taken recently
  • Any known medication or food allergies

✔ Extras

  • Diaper bag including milk bottles, formula, pacifiers, extra clothes, wipes, snacks, toys, etc.
  • NightLight can provide diapers and wipes in clinic for emergencies, but it is always good to have the child’s familiar supplies.