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News Roundup – Vaping, Sports, and Heat-Related Illnesses

NightLight · August 29, 2016

Top Stories for the Week

To keep your child healthy and safe, it helps for you — as their parent — to be in the know on health news. That’s why we rounded up the following stories to let you know what is important to watch for these days.

Prevent sports injuries

The American Academy of Pediatrics has put together a Sports Injury Prevention Tip Sheet that talks about common sports-related injuries — sprains, strains, and stress fractures — and how to avoid them. Read the full tip sheet.

Symptoms can spike after concussions in kids

In the days immediately following a concussion, about one-third of young patients experience a spike, or increase, in their symptoms. The risk for such spikes can be exacerbated by a too-quick return to school and extra-curricular activities. Read the full story.

Kids as young as 6 should be screened for obesity

The U.S. Preventive Task Force recommends screening children aged 6 years and older for obesity, then following up with health and weight management solutions as needed. Read the full story.

Extreme heat can cause serious problems for children

Summer means it is hot here in Texas and, although heat can be uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous. There are easy and important things you can do to protect your children from the effects of extreme heat. Read the full story.

The reason kids try vaping

Pediatrics, a medical journal, published a study about kids and vaping, also known as electronic cigarette use, and found that the available flavors and low cost are the major draws for young people. Read the full story.

Siblings of a child with autism have greater risk of the same

A study found that if a child has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), their younger siblings are 14 times more likely to develop ASD than children whose siblings do not have ASD. Read the full story.

These are just some of the topics catching our attention here at NightLight Pediatrics. If you have any questions or concerns related to these or other topics, stop by one of our five Houston-area facilities.