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What to Bring with You to Pediatric Urgent Care

NightLight · March 25, 2016

Wondering what to bring with you when you come to one of our pediatric urgent care facilities? Here are the things we recommend:

  1. Photo ID or proof of guardianship—The child must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian, so bring identification. If anyone other than legal guardian is accompanying your child, they must have a signed not authorizing them to accompany your child for medical treatment, a copy of the guardian’s ID and their own picture ID.
  2. Insurance card—We accept most insurance plans, so be sure to bring your card with you.
  3. Medical history, allergy information, and a current medications list—Let us know what your child has experienced, what they are taking, and anything else going on, even if it doesn’t seem relevant to the reason for their visit.
  4. Your questions—We are here for your child AND you, so ask us your questions. We want you to understand what is going on and how to move forward.
  5. Basic care supplies—Be prepared for any normal needs you may have with the patient and any siblings who came, too. This might include diapers, bottles, or entertainment. Please NOTE: we do not have toys in the waiting area and rooms for a reason. These items are frequent vectors of infectious disease.

We understand that injuries and ailments requiring urgent care can be stressful. Bringing these five items makes the process smoother for everyone.