COVID-19 testing now available by appointment only. Testing will be scheduled for patients that complete a telemedicine OR in-clinic visit. Parents that are COVID positive must do a telemedicine visit for their child. To maximize the safety of our staff and the community, ALL COVID-19 samples are now being collected at one central location.

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Better Wait Times

NightLight · January 22, 2016

We’ve Improved Our Wait Times to Better Serve You

One of the things we are most proud of at NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care is our wait times. We keep track of how long patients wait (among other facts) so we can continually serve you and your children in the best way possible.

During the past month our wait times in all five facilities have been only 20–30 minutes. We think that’s pretty great. It means that you and your sick or injured child aren’t sitting around wondering when it will be your turn.

In crowded areas of the city—like Webster—short wait times are especially appreciated.

Your time is valuable. Your children are valuable, too. We don’t think either of you should have to wait for incredible medical care.