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Statement by Dr. Anastasia Gentles on Retail-Based Clinics

NightLight · February 24, 2015

The American Academy of Pediatrics in releasing a policy statement February 24, 2014, entitled “Updated Policy Statement on Retailed-Based Clinics” has reinforced their position that these clinics are not appropriate for the primary care of children.  The Practitioners at NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care are in full agreement with their statement that the use of Retail-Based Clinics (RBCs) leads to fragmented medical care that does not support the medical home leading to care that is redundant (not longitudinal), not coordinated and more costly in the long run.

RBCs are those clinics based in and run by big chain grocery stores and pharmacies.  Unlike these chains, the practitioners at NightLight Pediatric Urgent care support the medical home model by:

  • Practicing evidenced-based care that is pediatric focused
  • Coordinating care with the primary care provider by striving to get them all the information they need to continue their care in follow up
  • Referring the patients back to their primary care provider for follow up
  • Establishing policies and procedures that reward patients for contacting their primary care providers prior to seeking care at NightLight
  • Being very accessible to the Primary Care providers in the community
  • NOT mixing primary care services such as vaccinations, school physicals and hours of care with our after-hours services.

Our clearly defined services and hours help to differentiate us not only from RBCs but also from the medical home.  This helps patients understand the effective and appropriate use of the after-hours acute urgent care in which we and NightLight specialize.

Voted one of the Best Places to Work by the Houston Business Journal, Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care opens its third Houston-metro location in Pearland the Sprint of 2014. Nightlight was established in 2007 and is the only minority & woman owned business of its kind in the market.

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